An analysis of the major influences of the quakers in william penn and the quaker legacy by john mor

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Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel eBook

There is no peace-making in such behavior. The young lady called after her companion, and insisted on her remaining with them, so that they might all return to- gether to the house; but it was rather singular she did not thus insist until the other lady was beyond the garden gate.

Outward peace is sought as never before but men search less intently for the inward peace which is both source and goal of outward peace.West Jersey and Pennsylvania were established by affluent Quaker William Penn in and respectively, with Pennsylvania as an American commonwealth run under Quaker principles.

William Penn signed a peace treaty with Tammany, leader of the Delaware tribe, [33] and other treaties followed between Quakers and Native Americans. [34]. The Quakers had major influence on the religion, agriculture, and the development of arts and learning in the North America.

They also led to increased role of women in economic and social activities due to their conviction on equality. Penn's "holy experiment" in Pennsylvania finally gave them a place to apply their principles unmolested.

The most famous of the American Quakers was the itinerant missionary, John Woolman () whose journal is a classic exposition of Quaker principles and policies.

William Penn, one of the leaders, worked with the Quakers, Indians and the other population to make an ideal world for him, his followers, and the other people in his environment. With his efforts, and the help of others, the Quakers left a huge impact on Pennsylvania and the entire nation.

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The William Penn House – a Quaker hostel and seminar center – was named in honor of William Penn when it opened in to house Quakers visiting Washington, D.C. to partake in the many protests, events and social movements of the era.

An analysis of the major influences of the quakers in william penn and the quaker legacy by john mor
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